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Coffey’s Concealed Carry and Carolina Karate Clubs Inc join forces to offer a combined concealed carry class and unarmed self defense class. Both will be presented at a combined discounted rate of $100 total.

Purchasing a handgun, becoming proficient with it, and always having it can protect one from an attacker but the problem is one can’t always carry a gun due to legal constraints. One must, therefore, prepare themselves both mentally and physically to avoid being a victim during times that guns can’t be carried. This is becoming more of a necessity as we hear daily of more sexual assaults, robberies, and attacks.

The concealed carry class will entitle all that attend to obtain a concealed carry permit and will be taught from 9am – 5pm on Saturday April 20. The class not only teaches marksmanship fundamentals and the legal aspects of carrying or using a gun but also mental conditioning. Such conditioning helps prevent one from becoming a victim and prepares one for the mental dilemmas associated with the use of deadly force.

The unarmed self defense class will be offered on Sunday April 21 from 2pm-6pm and again on Monday April 22 from 5:30pm-9:30pm. Those attending may choose either date to attend. This will be a hands on class where techniques are not only demonstrated but participants will practice the techniques on mats in a controlled environment. Participants are guaranteed to leave with an increased level of confidence in their ability to not only survive but win a physical confrontation.

All past participants of Coffey’s Concealed Carry class may attend the unarmed self defense class at the discounted rate of $30.00 per person and need not attend the concealed carry portion of the training. The class will be limited to 50 participants. Since class size is so limited those wishing to attend must register through and pay in advance through the Paypal option on the site. When the class is full such notice will be posted on the site. Those attending only the unarmed self defense class will pay upon arrival to that class.

The concealed carry class will be held at 5662 Cornwall Road in Oxford. The unarmed self defense class will be held 202 Roxboro Road in Oxford.

Direct questions about the unarmed self defense class to Perry Hansley of Carolina Karate Clubs Inc at 919-528-4927 or [email protected]